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Technical Aspects That Any Rugby Fan Should Know About the Sport

Let’s talk about the rich world of technical aspects of rugby. For a new fan, there is so much new and interesting information to process in order to fully understand the values and beauty of the game and enjoy every match as a true hardcore fan. Rugby is more than throwing an oval ball backwards, yes, it is a sport, but it is also about the rules and the chivalry shown by players and fans alike.

The rules in rugby are a serious thing, there are 10 only to determine from where and what team can do a forward pass. That’s why the rugby regulation has over 600 rules while in football rules there are less than 200, this can be attributed to the large spectrum of situations that can occur during a match, also the terminology of the game is very rich too.

The changes allowed on a rugby match are -up to- 8. Before to start in the document of the game the teams indicate what players are playing on the first lines and only those players could be on this formation, what’s the reason for all this protocol you may ask? Avoiding injuries to non-first line fitted players. We all know that wounds on rugby are serious and almost unavoidable.

The numbers on the shirts of the rugby players tell us their position on the game, contrary to other sports where the number on the shirt belongs to every player, in rugby it represents the role of each player. So, the shirts from 1 to 8 are for the strikers, from 9 to 15 for the three quarters, from 16 to 20 for the substitute forwards and from 21 to 23 for the three substitute fourths. Therefore, no player has a pre-assigned number and this corresponds to the philosophy that the position in the field must be earned every day.

As you can see, rugby is more than a sport it is a way to live. Respect, discipline, strength and straightforwardness are true values for rugby players and they apply them inside and out the field. This behavior is so established that the referee is treated as a Sir, any complaint is managed directly between the referee and the team captain and both teams defend the honor of their umpire, and any unsportsmanlike conduct is severely punished.

This system of respect for the referee is so tight that a protest to the ref can represent a turn back for the player, for a player in the heat of the moment could be difficult to keep their mouths shut, but learning when to do so is an important lesson for every rugbier, from the smallest league to the Olympic selection or an international league team. And it’s so hard, that the referee, covered by the rules of the game, can advance the point of a fault 10 meters by any angry or disrespectful protest.

As it’s seen, the rugby world is rich and very interesting, players are ruled by a strict code of conduct and honour it in their everyday lives outside the field, and they encourage fans to embrace it, this is part of the appeal of this sport for thousands of followers around the world.