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Rugby Video Games Worth Tackling

Jonah Lomu Rugby

Release: 1997

Platform: PS1

Anyone lucky enough to have played Jonah Lomu Rugby in its heyday will know just how glorious this game was. It had all the charm of those early sports games, a fine blend between real rugby, with the game featuring all major squads and real players, and tongue in cheek features that made the game oh so much fun. You always knew you’d be having fun when whacking this game out, and one of the highlights was the utterly amazing and hilarious commentary given by Bill McLaren and Bill Beaumont, their conversation would lighten up any tense game between you and your mates. An example of some the dialogue would be McLaren saying “What a tackle! That could have put him in Ward 4” with Beaumont responding “I hope not Bill, that’s a maternity ward”.

Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu Rugby

Rugby 08

Release: 2007

Platform: PS2

EA may not be a well-loved game developer but they’re probably the biggest, especially when it comes to sports games. Rugby 08 was easily their best rugby game, unfortunately it was also their last. This was the fifth game released by them and as such benefited from the improvements over the past few games which had resulted in a realistic and technical game for fans to enjoy. This is a far more serious take than the previous and allows you to actually strategize your plays. It’s a much-loved game and there are some fans that still play this today.

NRL Mascot Mania

Release: 2009

Platform: Nintendo DS

Now we go from technical realism to non-stop rugby themed fun times with NRL Mascot Mania. Never heard of this game? Well it’s not really that surprising, it was only ever released in Australia for the Nintendo DS which is a shame because this game is so good. Unlike every other game out there this game revolves around the Australian National Rugby League’s 16 mascots, the aim of the game is to collect playing cards which is done through winning mini games and bombastic boss battles. It’s essentially a rugby themed Pokémon game set down under, what’s not to love?

Flick Nations Rugby

Release: 2012

Platform: iOS/Android

We often hear that the future of video games sits on our mobile phones, personally I don’t think that’ll happen for a while yet but it certainly is the place to play simple and small games that will somehow keep you hooked for hours on end. Flick Nations Rugby is just such a game, it’s incredibly straight forward, all you have to do is kick conversions by swiping up on your screen. There are 15 national teams to choose from and you’ll be faced with different challenges to deal with such as changing wind speeds and directions and awkward angles to kick from. On paper it sounds mundane but I guarantee if you pick it up, you’ll be kicking balls until the cows come home. You have been warned.

Rugby ball
Rugby ball