• The Top 5 Rugby Selections Around the World

    The World Rugby Ranking sets the classification of national rugby teams, both male and female, worldwide. The first time this system went into rigor was in 2003, England got the crown as the best team, New Zealand took the place the next year and after winning the Rugby World Cup on 2007, South Africa was the third team to earn the honor. In 2018 the ranking on male rugby went like this.

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Rugby was considered an Olympic sport in the Olympics of 1900, 1908, 1920 and 1924.

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Rugby’s Olympic Downfall and Rise

However, by the year 1924, some incidents happened that made the International Olympics Commission reverse the decision to accept the sport.

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The Girls That Step Strong in The Field

For sure, celebrating the Female Rugby World Cup 2021, the country where this sport is an authentic religion is a very smart move by the World Rugby council.

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Some Curious Stuff You Ought to Know About Rugby

In one match against France, New Zealand player, Wayne Shelford, was stepped on his crotch.

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The Top 5 Rugby Selections Around the World

For nine solid years, this team has kept the first place on the IRB world ranking.

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